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SMTP Certificate Ceremony (2022)

CEU Staff

6 June 2022

The SMTP certificate ceremony of 2022

The Substance Misuse Training Program (SMTP) certificate ceremony of 2022 in the Ashley Kriel Hall (Salt River) Cape Town. Click the URL link above to view the full event program schedule.

The Keynote speaker: MEC: Minister Sharna Fernandez
(Department of Social Development - Western Cape Government)

Our Journey from beginning to end
(Poem as received and presented by Sally-Ann Mare Mayo)

We are present in the moment in the here and now to celebrate and rejoice Completing the Misuse Substance Training Programme was an excellent choice
From the induction, to Funding Proposal Writing
What can we say other than it was extremely exciting

The introduction to Substance Misuse, Case study and Models of addiction
Made us aware that these things are real and not fiction
The question is do those who abuse need another dose to cope
Certainly not as with councelling and referrals there surely is hope

Our Digital stories was a headache and pain
And daily reflection cause a lot of strain
But monitoring and evaluation brought us some perspective
that we can achieve anything if we strive to be effective

UWC and CEU, you empowered us to do and give our very best
With commitment and dedication we passed the test
We glad to have our dignitaries and guest here today

In closure if I may allow me to say
We the Substance Abuse/Misuse class of 2022
value and appreciate all of you

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