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Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

The Graduate Development Programme (GDP) supports first-year students in academic, personal, and social adjustment at UWC. GDP is infused into the Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP), as it bridges the Academic and Co-curricular engagement at UWC. Through its year-long curriculum, workshops and individualised coaching, the programme aims to facilitate students’ growth and the acquisition of the university’s graduate attributes. GDP also helps enhance the personal awareness of factors that influence academic achievement; it provides students with the tools to be more prepared to face daily challenges at university and to actualise their potential. By supporting students holistically, GDP helps to manage the university throughput and to assist in containing student attrition more effectively, as students learn and practice the skills necessary to stay afloat in a university environment.

The Office for Academic Support (OAS) provides learning support programmes, engagements, and scaffolding skills to students across different levels at UWC.

This project can be accessed on the CE Database

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