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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Community Engagement Report

Annually the report is published to acknowledge the dedication to CE at UWC.

Scholarship of Engagement (SoE) Report

The citations captured represents engaged research by UWC scholars from all faculties, support units, divisions and centres at UWC.

CE@UWC Newsletter

The newsletter is published biannually and feature exciting and relevant engagements and narratives.

The publications above can be found on the CEU Website

Substance Misuse Case Study Manual

This case study manual is an outcome of the first five modules of the substance abuse course developed by the Community Engagement Unit at the University of the Western Cape. Context is a significant aspect of any substance abuse intervention. The manual was therefore created in collaboration with participants from the course. Their specific context, which was identified as an essential component of the training material, was highlighted.

Please contact Pearl September-Brown if you would like more information on the manual.

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