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Community Liaison

Damaris Kiewiets

She facilitate Health and Human Rights training for Community Leaders with the Dullah Omar Institute. She became a Chaplain in 2018 and served on the District Health Council for 2 terms in the Cape Metro.

Her role at the university is to assist students and communities to understand the role of the university in the surrounding communities. She facilitates partnerships and networking opportunities. She is an ex-nurse and a strong health activist for Health, Human Rights and Social Development.

She graduated as a Meridian in 2013. Damaris served on the Provincial Health Research Council “between” 2009-2014 and she currently serves on the Tygerberg hospital board. She was part of the advisory team of the School of Nursing developing the BA for nursing and very instrumental in the Community Health Component. She is second author on a paper looking at Community Participation in Health and third author on the paper on Health Committees as a Vehicle for Community Participation.

+27 (21) 959 3124

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