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Community Engagement (CE) and Scholarship of Engagement (SoE) Databases

Community Engagement Database

  • Showcase community engagement activities.

  • Serve as a promotional/marketing tool as it presents viewers (on and off-campus) with information pertaining to your community engagement activities and development.

  • Present an opportunity to access information about engagement activities on and off-campus

  • Provides cross-links and references to community engagement activities.

  • Provides a platform for knowledge sharing and coordination.

  • Provides potential development of partnerships on and off-campus.

Scholarship of Engagement (SoE) Database

Highlights the Community Engagement citation from 2015 to 2020. The citations captured represents engaged research by UWC scholars from all faculties, support units, divisions and centres at UWC.

How to gain Access

  1. The link

  2. Takes you directly to the UWC CEU Databases

  3. To view the Community Engagement Programmes, click on the left menu bar for, Public Access, Staff Access, and Executive Access. Follow instruction.

  4. You will access to both Community Engagement and Scholarship of Engagement (SoE) Databases

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