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Play Your Part 2022 Mandela Day

What you see as a simple 67 min of one day of the year we see as an investment for another 365 days of active citizenship

Some ideas on how to give back on a low budget

# Time - Take time out and see how you can give back by using your own skills to assist entities that plow back into your community on a daily Like example if you working in HR in 67 min you could facilitate a Job readiness workshop for unemployed people Contact one of the organizations that work with youth and offer your " Time"

# Network / Market / Fundraise Help Community base org known to the outside world many a times Small Org could do with a little administrative assistance Get your friends and family together and help the origination with operational tools that many take for granted

Like soup kitchen people are always willing to give ingredients but very little people think of

How does the staff prepare the food - do they have a proper stove, how do they manage with gas or even electricity Who pays the water bill ens.

# How about doing something special for the volunteers of the origination

# collect pre loved clothing or bedding among your friends and family and donate it to people who assist fire victims or flood victims

Many want to give but at times don't know what or how much its not about the quantity you assist with it is about the heart you give in

Just being present and wanting to assist with a non judge mental mind is more then enough

Lets restore the dignity by responsible giving

Play your part in building a positive and productive nation one day at a time

Lets share what's your plans for Mandela day

I live the UBUNTU way 365 days a year

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